TNL Week 5 recap

TNL Week 5 recap

Aug 4, 2015 Events, News by Blake

Crazees 54, Howley Financial 43

The opening contest of the make-up week of Thursday Night Lights saw Crazees face a depleted Howley Financial squad. Both teams started slowly offensively, and five minutes into the game Crazees owned a 5-2 lead. Eventually both teams were able to get going, and their shots began to fall. Kevin Bloodgood led the way for Howley, who, despite being undermanned, controlled the first half for the most part. Bloodgood hit three three-pointers in the opening 20 minutes, and helped his team to a 23-22 halftime advantage. However, in the second half, Howley Financial began to run out of gas. Despite a valiant effort from Romell Bateman, Howley quickly found itself down double-digits and trying to climb back into the game. Travis Farrell of Crazees would have no part of the Howley comeback though, scoring 13 of his game-high 18 points in the second half to give his team the victory.

Undici 58, Red Bank Armory 55

The following game was the most exciting of the night, a nail-biter between Undici and Red Bank Armory. Red Bank Armory was on fire from the get-go, quickly jumping out to a 14-5 lead. Undici slowly crawled back though, using threes to get back into the game. They would go on to hit five three-pointers in the first half, and found themselves down just 30-25 at halftime. Red Bank Armory got sloppy in the second half, allowing Undici to continue its hot streak. Undici continued to hit jumper after jumper, and after another three, finally took a 52-49 lead with 2:27 left. Red Bank Armory recovered and eventually tied the game at 55, but committed a costly turnover with seven seconds left. After winding the clock down to one second left, Undici pulled a deep fadeaway three from the wing. It seemed as if the ball hung in the air for hours, but when it finally came down, it fell through the net at the buzzer to give Undici the victory.

MTV 69, Findaballer 44

MTV continued its dominance in the final game of the night, dismantling Findaballer to the tune of a 25-point victory. The reigning Thursday Night Lights champions took control early thanks to incredible efficient shooting in the first half. MTV shot over 65% through halftime, and owned a 39-20 lead at the break. MTV’s shooting percentage fell in the second half, but it only widened its lead. Undefeated MTV cruised to the victory with ease, and will enter the playoffs as the number one seed.

-Eric Black

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