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Pictures of Clientele in various settings.

Findaballer Summer Staffing & Instruction

The end of spring is near and all the different types of camps will be starting up. Findaballer Inc. is here to support camps, clinics, families, and other organizations with assisting in instruction.  We are always working to improve our brand and effectively provide the best service available for the surrounding communities.  We are currently
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Indoor Hoops and Findaballer Partner meeting

Findaballer and Indoor Hoops Team Up

Jun 16, 2018 News by Blake
Findaballer and Indoor Hoops have partnered to bring you practice sessions for adults.  These sessions will be provided at Indoor Hoops locations. It will be part-workout, part-drills, and all ball.  Indoor Hoops Practice program is a group training session focused on improving fitness and refining skills on the hardwood. “We’ve partnered up with Find-A-Baller co-founders,
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Coaching In New York

Findaballer is the first of its kind. We recruit, train and staff coaches for various programming. If you or you know someone needs a coach, please email us at contactus@findaballer.com or call 732-938-6176 for more information regarding our services

One-on-One Training

Findaballer provides individual attention and training specific to each of our client’s athletic aptitude and endurance. Our clients receive basketball training as well as knowledge on basic nutrition, character development, as well as other essential life skills. The result is an open-minded, confident, and respectful individual who will yearn to strive for more. Jack Solano Jack
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