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What to Expect as College Freshmen

Jun 9, 2014 News by Melissa
The days of being a senior in high school are quickly coming to an end. Maybe you only have a week of finals left, maybe you already graduated, or maybe you’ve just attended your senior prom. In any case, you’re looking forward to your future as a college freshman, wherever you have chosen to go.
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Unforgettable NCAA Cinderella Moments

Apr 3, 2014 News by Melissa
How’s your bracket doing? Well over here at FindaBaller, all of our brackets are pretty busted, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the final games this weekend. Some teams like Gonzaga made their March Madness mark and have since turned into a contender in the Mountain West Conference. In celebration of a number
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Thinking about playing sports in college?

Feb 24, 2014 News by Melissa
Being accepted into college is an enormous achievement. Students dedicate years and precious hours making sure their grades are high enough to be accepted into their top choice school, then they spend hours studying for the SAT, and even more hours completing applications. It’s exhausting (believe me, we know… we’ve been there!) So when you’re
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Spotlight on Asbury Park Recreation League

Dec 10, 2013 News by Melissa
On December 7th, the Asbury Park Recreation League made its game debut at the Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Asbury Park. The season was kicked off with a match up of Georgetown vs. Rutgers and Duke vs. Kentucky. Coach 40 and his Rutgers team opened up play and took an early lead 8-2 at half,
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What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2013 News by Melissa
We at FindABaller are very thankful for another year of positive progression. Being welcomed into the lives of the Shore community is a privilege, one that we will continue to work hard to preserve. We look forward to building an even stronger relationship through the end of this year, and straight into 2014. Our mission
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More than Basketball – Youth & Community Services

Nov 18, 2013 News by Melissa
If you haven’t figured it out already by our website, FindaBaller is more than a basketball training company. FindaBaller was founded to give the public rich opportunities, whether it’s connecting a player with the right tools for college admissions or learning the right way to study for a big test, we’re proud to bring the
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