Monmouth U. Graduate Heads to Georgia (the country)

Zac hanging with MU Basketball Team

Monmouth U. Graduate Heads to Georgia (the country)

Oct 15, 2018 News by Blake

Zac Tillman, a 6 foot 9 inch college graduate is heading to play professional basketball in Georgia (the country).

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The horn sounds and we both look up at the clock. I look at Zac as he proceeds to enter the court, “Nikkei, I got you!” he says to Monmouth’s freshman. Nikkei energetically hustles to the sideline as Zac enters the college practice.

Zac will be leaving for Georgia in less than a week. So he is spending his final days in America where he developed his craft. At the MAC center with the Monmouth Hawks.  He signed a contract to play for Olimpi Tbilisi.

Zac graduated with a bachelors in communication and also earned his graduate certificate in public relations. “Im not sure which direction I’ll take with furthering my education but i’ve gotten off to a good start.” 

I can remember when Zac came into Monmouth University raw and inexperienced. He leaves to go to Georgia as a man. A family man at that. Zac is father to Aubrey Tillman. Born in May 2016,

“I gained a sense of responsibility. I had to approach school, basketball, and life in general more professionally. I began to live more effectively, meaning I tried to make sure that the energy I put out on a daily would have some type of positive return that I would be able to somehow share with Aubrey.”

Zac hanging out at practice before he departs the United States to Georgia.

I sat down with Zac in the training room as he iced his knees and asked him a few more questions. Enjoy: 

Q: What are your expectations as you head to Georgia to play for your first professional team? 

A: Im looking forward to the professional lifestyle and a difference culture. Im looking forward to learning new things and improving my skills on the court to help my team win as many games as possible. 

Q:  What are some of the other countries that offered you?

A: I received some legitimate offers from Iraq and Cyprus but I received many offers which were too low to take. 

Q:  How long will you be playing in Georgia? 

A: The league starts October 25th and playoffs start in May so i hope to be there till the end. 

Q:  How long do you plan on playing? 

A: I Just want to keep playing as long as possible. 

Q: What do you feel, helped you improve throughout the years?

A: My family  teammates and coaches helped me become the man I am today. My class that came in, most of us are still playing and really improved during school. Guys like Justin Robinson, Chris Brady, and Jelon Hornbeak. 

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