JSBL Recap:7/22/2015

JSBL Recap:7/22/2015

Jul 23, 2015 News by Blake

Here are highlights from the two games last night at the JSBL. First game was Seaview Jeep against Team Shore and the second game was between Larson Ford and Island Title.

Seaview Jeep against Team Shore was a great game and once again Seaview Jeep found themselves in another close game late in regulation. Justin Robinson was spectacular as normal and took control late in the game. In the forth quarter Robinson drilled two threes well beyond the NBA three, and finished that off with the game winning basket leaving 7 seconds on the clock. Team Shore got multiple chances at the basket but were unable to convert and Seaview Jeep walked away with a one point lead 98-97.

Island Title played Larson Ford to follow up that thriller and this was another competitive match-up, as Larson Fords aggressive play proved an exciting match up for the NJIT players on Island Title. Island Title’s and NJIT’s Damon Lee and Tim Coleman played very well, both showing they are capable of scoring in bunches and if needed can go and get a basket for their team. Although, NJIT’s trio including incoming freshmen Mohammed Bendary and Island Title, played well, Larson Ford came out victorious winning 101-96,

Come out to the games tonight, these are the last games for this week, the first game begins at 7:15 pm and the second at 8:45 pm, Wall Township High School. Don’t miss out!

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