The Importance of Team Sports

The Importance of Team Sports

Nov 11, 2013 News by Melissa

Fall is flying by and that means basketball season is right around the corner. We’re training hard with players from all over the state, boosting team resiliency and basketball skill.

Not only have we been working with local teams, but we’re also excited to reach out to younger kids as well with our Basketball League in Asbury Park, NJ. We collaborated with Joseph Raines, former Asbury Park Board of Education Member, to bring a superb basketball program that includes 4-6 weeks of regular season playing time to the chil07-21-2013 155418. Kay Dooley championsdren of Asbury Park and surrounding towns. Boys and girls from grades 1st through 8th will learn important basketball skills and drills while also understanding the importance of being on a team. More information can be found at

There’s No “I” in Team

We spend a lot of time training youth to be well developed kids on and off the court. A lot of our time and effort is geared towards kids learning about themselves and the world while their with their teammates. After all team sports are not only fun, but they also offer countless opportunities to help kids grow to their full potential. Of course we all know that it’s a great way to exercise, but being on a team offers a multitude of advantages including the power to boost self-esteem, create healthy eating habits, and setting kids up for a successful future.

Being on a team allows kids to learn how to interact with others their own age while learning the importance of friendship. The importance of team sports teach children to stand together despite their backgrounds (religious, cultural or race). By learning to respect their teammates and encourage them, they are learning core values that will help them in the future.

Not only do children on a team respect their teammates, but they also learn to respect their coach and their coach’s decisions. They learn that just because they felt  they shouldn’t have been pulled out of the game with 5 minutes left doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the best thing for the team. Being respectful of other’s decisions also teaches them humility and gears them up to enforce the greater good in the future.

As with any sport, you can’t always win, however dealing with disappointment will help children learn the importance of perseverance and endurance. Learning about their own strengths and weaknesses and moving forward despite obstacles boosts self-esteem and generates greater confidence.

Team 1Playing on a team also requires a constant awareness of schoolwork and team practices. Children who are on a team quickly learn how to be hard working students, organizing their time more wisely, which we all know is an absolute necessity in life.

Finally, it’s especially important for adolescent girls to join a team. Living in a world where image seems to be everything, it’s an added bonus to be on a team where your courage, skills, and team camaraderie are your most important aspects.

FindaBaller strives to bring out these characteristics in all of our students. We always focus on participation in team sports as a way to better a child’s personal development. To learn more about a team sport’s effects on childhood development please visit these sites:

Pathway to Healthy Development

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