Spring Into Better Health

Spring Into Better Health

Apr 7, 2014 News, Nutrition by Melissa

vegetables1As student athletes, your overall health may not be on your mind all the time. After all, you’re an athlete who practices multiple hours everyday. You don’t have to worry about burning calories. You’ve got that down. However, just because you seem physically healthy, doesn’t mean you’re giving your body what it really wants – nutritious food.

So many young student athletes frequent fast food places to grab a few “snacks” after practice to hold you over before dinner. It may seem ok because you don’t gain any weight, but it matters. It’s ok, we’ve been there too. We’ve learned from our mistakes and want to share with you just how important the food you eat is for your body, both physically and mentally.

As an athlete, you know that the first step to a healthier lifestyle is to watch what you eat. After all, the food you eat effects how your body performs. So if you’re looking to play at your optimum level, then you need to put fuel your body with the right nutrition. This healthy lifestyle diet includes eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, along with a healthy source of protein, and whole grains. (If you’re not sure what that means for your plate, check out the USDA’s “My Plate.”)

usda-nutrition-my-plateStick with fruits and vegetables throughout the day and fuel your body with the nutrition it needs. Vegetables have been proven to help our skin, eyes, and hair look better. You will feel more satisfied and energized.

The quality of your food is also important. A hamburger from a fast food restaurant doesn’t have the same nutritional value for your body as an organic, grass fed hamburger, that’s loaded with vegetables on a whole grain bun. Eating healthy isn’t about losing out on your favorite foods, it’s all about recreating your favorite foods with a healthy twist, so you can perform better on and off the court!

What’s your favorite way to stay healthy? Or do you have a question on what can help you perform better on the court? Ask us below!




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