Findaballer Summer Staffing & Instruction

Pictures of Clientele in various settings.

Findaballer Summer Staffing & Instruction

The end of spring is near and all the different types of camps will be starting up. Findaballer Inc. is here to support camps, clinics, families, and other organizations with assisting in instruction. 

We are always working to improve our brand and effectively provide the best service available for the surrounding communities.  We are currently serving the NY and NJ areas.  Findaballer Inc. is owned and operated by Dwayne Byfield and Blake Hamilton, two former professional and college student athletes. There are other coaches who have assisted in providing instruction with similar back grounds.

Who We Are

Blake W. Hamilton, a Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee, has been blessed with the opportunity to work with many student athletes from training to employment.  His specialty is broad because of his personal experience as a professional athlete. Having learned to take care of his body, mind, and spirit while traveling the world has provided a specific perspective on player development.  Blake volunteered for one year at his high school, Central Dauphin, sharing knowledge with now current professional athletes.  He has also continued to keep in contact with his university alma mater, most recently attending his former coach’s Hall of Fame Induction. (click here for more on Blake Hamilton)

Blake Hamilton recruits and staffs coaches and also trains groups and individuals. He also trains and coach’s.

Dwayne Byfield, resides in NYC, and works on the making things happen side of the company as the CEO.  He  brings opportunities to develop Findaballer Inc. heading into 2019.  Our current project is to develop our mobile application to help scale and provide the best experience possible.  For our clients large or small, Dwayne is tasked with client development, quality control, and investor relations.  (click here for more on Dwayne) In the featured photo you will see  Dwayne managing instructors for the day, providing tips of the trade and how to effectively provide a quality session consistently.  In Dwayne’s spare time, he is also a novelist and freelance writer. Dwayne created the B.E.A.S.T. collection, a fictional tale of a young black student athlete living through life’s successes and failures. 

Coach Dwayne leading instruction for kids of all ages.

Future Plans

As we progress through the summer we are planning partnerships and other opportunities to help with our video services, staffing instructors for various sports programs, and individual or group client training opportunities.  Some of our newer partnerships include Indoor Hoops and Camp All Sport. 

We mentioned earlier we are developing our own mobile application to help scale our company. If your family or organization are in need we can be reached at  Our office is located on 1333 Wyckoff Road Wall Township, NJ 07753.  Our office phone number is 732-938-6176.  Our mobile office line after hours is 732-660-8737.   We currently  service the NY and NJ areas. 

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